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January 21, 2013
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TC::Mai Sasaki by 01604 TC::Mai Sasaki by 01604

Name: Sasaki, Mai
Nickname: Kasai (Alias for her daycare job)

Rank: Fighter
Path: Neutral
Species: Unknown (Takes Human Form)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"

Birthday: May 12
Age: 22

During her daycare work Mai happens to be a kind and mannered person especially to the kids. Her reason being a different person is to hide her identity as the leader of the Kami Alliance from the other alliances outside the club and keep other people knowing her as Kasai. However outside of that, she's completely different, where she becomes a quiet and an emotionless person. Most of the time it's hard to tell how she's feeling, but truly her emotions are what set her from being dangerous. So she tries her best to keep herself as clam as she can when needed. She tends to think before doing first and sometimes it surprises others when she decides to attack she is also very strict at times even though she's emotionless. However, once angered her eyes go completely black and when needed destroys and kills whatever is in her way.


Mai's very skilled in hand to hand battle and happens to run pretty fast. Within her is a dark power that controls her strength and sometimes her mind once angered. It can only be seen through her eyes when it become completely black when she's mad, and shadow like substance start pouring out, making you able to tell just how angry she is. The dark power makes her stronger than your average male human and probably more stronger than that where she is able to destroy a boulder with a kick and punch right through a persons body, Though it does take a lot out of her and if in the form too long she'll get tired and might pass out, but at the moment she has no problems getting out of the dark form and become herself before it happens, though it still does take a lot out of her where she'll need to rest for a bit. Even without the dark power she can still use it's power to make her a bit have superhuman strength, but not as powerful with it.

Weapon(s)/Fighting Style:
Most of the time Mai uses her hand and legs to fight, or use anything around as a weapon if needed. In a battle she tends to use her speed agility to keep from getting hit and annoy her opponent for not attacking back for a while her emotionless face tends to help this. She is usually controlled by her dark power in a fight where she will be injuring her opponent ruthlessly and most of the time kill without hesitation not really caring if they beg for mercy.


+ Watches
+ Light
+ Blood
+ Games
+ Kids (only in her Kasai disguise)
+ Music
+ Any kind of food.


- Disrespectful people
- Having emotions (except for anger)
- Broken clock
- Noisy places (except the daycare she works at)
- Having an empty stomach


Mai does not remember much of her childhood, but darkness. She herself has no clue what she even is, but considers herself human because of her form similarities of everyone else. In her "teen" years she was adopted into a family where she has two younger brothers. However no matter how happy her family was she had always kept to herself trying her best to keep calm and emotionless. Before being adopted she knew that she has an anger issue which causes a lot of damage both physically and mentally. Unable to control her anger brings out a shadow like substance which is probably her "true form". To have it control her makes her too dangerous to even be a few feet away from her where it's like she's a human killing weapon. Because of it she has also been brought into a psyche ward, only to break out after a lot of screaming and pain. Unable to take it anymore Mai had decided to try and calm herself and become emotionless before her adopted family took her in. Having years of practice of hiding her emotions she had finally mastered it and can control her dark side. At the age 18 Mai had decided to move out and leave the country her adopted family lived in.

Living in Japan she had found the club and decided to join with no reason at all. To keep her identity from enemies who knew her name she used an alias and forces a fake, yet a bit true, happy going personality, while working at a day care center taking care of kids.

Additional Info:

>> Pretty good with kids as Kasai

>> Knows how to cook

>> Dislikes animals

>> Glutton with food

>> Always times her fights from beginning to end, which is why she has that pocket. . . clock''

>> Likes timing things so she's happens to look at the time a lot.

>> May look emotionless, but she does feel sad, happy or anything else she just hides it if she is, other than that she's mostly clam or angry.

>> Fights mostly with her legs then fists'

>> Seen a lot wearing light weight clothes so she can run fast'' ( tht and i like drawing revealing clo---//KILLED )

>> Younger brothers from her adopted family are my ocs from a diff group where in that AU they're actually half blood siblings.

>> When the darkness takes over her, her shadow becomes deform and unrecognizable.

:iconpapmingplz: i'll probably edit and add more once i rp her or something OTLOTL''''
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